Pub Quiz at Phoenix Pub

October 19, 2020
Pub Quiz at Phoenix Pub

                               ★Pub Quiz by Erasmus Club Sevilla  ★ 

Erasmussss... How’s your Spanish coming along??? Do you want to meet new friends, practice spanish with Erasmus students in a very funny way? Do you want other Erasmus students to learn new expressions and words from your country? Then this is the night for you, my friend!  


Please only register for the activities if you are sure to attend as we have limited spots due to the government restrictions.

 Where: Phoenix Pub (Plaza de Cuba)

When: Every Monday at 9:30 pm.

 We ask everyone to be responsible during this COVID times, if you feel sick/ill or with COVID symptoms, or if you have been in contact with an infected person,  let us know and do not come to the event. There are also hand sanitizers and soap on the establishment, please use it frequently and do not forget to use your mask.

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