European Gems

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Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France.


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European Gems

(13 days / 12 nights)

Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Now for only 1045€

Explore Europe’s Gems in this incredible trip through Northern Europe, during Christmas holidays. From impressive capital of Hungary to Paris in France with its Eiffel Tower. Don’t hesitate and discover these diverse countries during the winter holidays!


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Next Departure:

  • From 27th December to 10th January



  • Transport in our comfortable Unibus from Madrid to all the mentioned cities
  • Accommodation in the best hostels/hotels in Europe:
  • 1 night in Budapest
  • 2 nights in Vienna
  • 3 nights in Prague
  • 1 night in Frankfurt
  • 2 nights in Amsterdam
  • 2 nights in Brussels
  • 2 night in Paris
  • 1 night in our Unibus (París-Madrid)
  • 13 buffet breakfasts
  • Multiple beds rooms (or you can specify a single or double room)
  • All transport costs
  • All costs related to parking, transport and tolls
  • Group leader during the whole trip
  • Assistance throughout the whole trip
  • Guided tours in mentioned cities given by tour leaders
  • Many other surprises!



  • Everything that is not mentioned in “What’s included?”
  • Transport to the starting point
  • Travel insurance and cancellation
  • Optional daytrips offered on the tour
  • Entrance fees for monuments and attractions
  • Visa fees or other administrative costs
  • Transport within the cities (metro, taxi etc.)



  • Bus tour of Vienna with a professional guide (+15€)
  • Trip to Kutna Hora with a visit to the Chapel of Bones (+18€)
  • Entry into Anne Frank´s house (+18€)
  • Trip to the Heineken Factory (+18€)
  • Trip along the canals of Amsterdam in a boat (+10€)
  • Trip to Bruges and Ghent (+35€)
  • Paris by night (+12€)
  • More activities: information about these and more activities during the trip





Vienna: At the contracted accommodation (timetable to confirm)

The final times will be announced via email a couple of days before the departure.

ITINERARY: (can be changed for logistic reasons) 


DAY 1: Budapest

Welcome Unitrippers to this Circuit of central Europe!

We start our trip in Budapest. On this first day we will all get to know each other and depending on your arrival time in Budapest, you can take a walk to get to know the city with the rest of the group. Don’t worry if you have a last minute flight as we will be returning to the city at the end of our tour.



DAY 2: Budapest- Vienna

After getting to know each other the day before, we set off to visit our second destination of this Circuit of central Europe: Vienna!

We will check-in at our accommodation and then we will go out to explore this fantastic city that will leave you enchanted as Vienna has so much to offer. You will visit the Belvedere Palace (where you can admire Klimt’s “The Kiss”), see the Tree of Hearts at Maria-Theresien-Platz … and feel like Princess Sissi in the Schonbrunn Gardens. You can take in its majestic buildings such as the opera house, the Parliament and many others that will leave you in awe.


DAY 3: Vienna

¡Guten morgen!

Today we will need to get up early in order to make the most out of our stay in the spectacular city of Vienna.

You will have the opportunity to do an optional bus tour of Vienna or walk around the centre instead.

On the bus you will visit all of the main landmakrs in Vienna, from the Prater and the Weiner Riesenrad (Ferris Wheel), to the Danube, and then tour the Ringstrasse, admiring its beautiful 19th century monuments.

Get to know the Russian military and the Belvedere Palace (museum of Klimt)… and go to the Schonbrunner Gardens if you want to get a glimpse into the life of Princess Sissi.

*Optional Activity

  • Panoramic Tour of Vienna

Did you know…

  • Vienna was the cultural capital in the 19th cenutry. The Habsburgs funded the work of every type of artist, which is why today, Vienna is one of those places on everyone’s bucket list.
  • Vienna gained independance from Russia in 1955 and became a neutral country. So today Austra is much richer and more developed than its neighbours.
  • Look at the traffic lights in the city, and you’ll notice something very curious


DAY 4: Vienna – Prague 

¡Vítejte v Cesku!

Another day, another country, another language, another currency. Thanks to the fact we are travelling via bus and not in a plane, you will have a chance to explore the Florence of the Bohemian region, Cesky Krumlov, an astonishing village in the south of Czech Republic.

From here on this Circuit of central Europe, we will head even more north, until we reach the golden city of Prague, which will enchant you with its elegant old town and impressive castle.



DAY 5: Prague – (New Years Eve)

Before enjoing the crazy New Year’s celebrations, make sure you put on same warm clothes and enjoy walking around the old Town. We will take you through Wenceslas Square, universally known for being the scene of the “Prague Spring” and then to discover the most famous astronomical clock in the world. We will then cross the Vltava River by the bridge of San Carlos and also go to one the 30 famous Baroque sculptures. We will finally arrive at the feet of the world’s largest castle, which looks like something that belongs to the world of literature: Kafka.

Are you getting tired? You still need to go and discover the new city, which is also of medieval origin, and, of course, the old Jewish quarter.

Make sure you are not too tired because we still have to eat dinner and the New Year’s celebrations will start soon! Prague is a very popular destination for celebrating the New Year because of the charm of the city and the very cheap beer! 

*Optional Activity:

  • For more information about the New Year activities, ask the tour leader

Did you know…

  • Prague Castle, from the ninth century, is the largest in the world! And this is where the Bohemian monarchy and the Presidents of the Czech Republic lived. Although it is not a castle as such, it does bring together churches, gardens, the official residence of the president of the Czech Republic and a large number of beautiful streets.
  • The Czech Republic is the country where more beer is drunk each year per capita. Beer is part of their daily culture there are so many different brands available, that it would be impossible to test them all, even drinking 10 a day throughout the trip!


DAY 6: Prague - Kutna Hora*- Prague

Happy New Year Unitrippers!

After the celebrations, you will have 2 options of how you can spend your first day of 2022! You can either stay in Prague and rest or you can come with us to get to know one of the hidden gems of the Czech Republic: Kutna Hora. This city is a World Heritage Site, due to its old town and the strange church, made of bones, that is located here.

Would you prefer to sleep all day? DON´T DO IT! There is too much to do and see in Prague. Visit the famous castle, visit the Golden road where Kafka used to live and make sure you take some time to admire all of the incredible buildings such as the dancing house.

*Optional Activity

  • Excursion to the chapel of Bones in Kutna Hora


Did you know…

  • One of the most impressive things that can be found in Kutna Hora are its religious temples, which are considered to be among the most incredible in the whole of the Czech Republic, therefore you cannot pass up on the opportunity to visit them!
  • Kutna Hora has a bit of a morbid feel to it, a characteristic which is almost certainly due to the fact there is a chapel here that is created from the bones of 40,000 people who wanted to be burried there.
DAY 7: Prague- Frankfurt

We follow our Circuit of central Europe and will return to Germany. If time allows us to, we will make a stop in Nuremberg, a city that was the site of the process carried out on the Nazi generals after World War II, known as the Nuremberg Trials. Many books have been written about this process, collecting the statements of those who survived the concentration camps.

After crossing Bavaria, we will arrive in Frankfurt late in the evening, the financial capital of Germany, where the Headquarters of the European Bank is located and where we will spend the night.

DAY 8: Frankfurt- Cologne- Amsterdam

Good Morning! Are you feeling refreshed? We hope so because today is a new day and that means we have new things to discover on this Circuit of central Europe!

We continue by visiting the last German city of the tour: Cologne. Here, we will have time to visit the most important monuments and really get a feel of the 2,000 years of history behind this incredible city. Most importantly, we will get the chance to admire one of the most impressive gothic masterpieces in Europe: The Cologne Cathedral. It took more than 600 years to finish it and when you see it in the flesh, you will understand why.

This city is also known for its museums, which house all kinds of art: from the process of making chocolate, to works by Picasso and Dalí. In the afternoon we will get back on the road to head to the free city of Amsterdam.

When we arrive we will drop off our bags and head straight out into the afternoon-evening to get to know the famous Red Light District of the city. The night is young and life is short, so enjoy friends!



Did you know…

  • Cologne’s Cathedral was the tallest building in the world for many decades!
  • In front of the cathedral, there is a statue that stands about three human bodies high and that is exactly the same as the two peaks that reign over the two towers of the cathedral. Don’t miss the opportunity to see them up close!
  • Inside the cathedral is a curious stained glass window in the form of colourful pixels.
  • At Christmas, a flea market full of fantasy, lights, stalls, singers, skating rinks and hot wine bars make the centre of Cologne a true fairy tale.
DAY 9: Amsterdam 

Culture and liberal politics have made Amsterdam a world reference for liberal people, especially those who push for the legalization of soft drugs (marijuana and hashish) and the legalization of prostitution.

But Amsterdam is not just coffee shops and the red light district, there are other beautiful things to do and see! Not sure what to do? Why don’t you take a walk through the Van Gogh MuseumRembrandt museum, the Moco or Rijksmuseum or visit the Anne Frank House, and if you fancy a beer, Heineken is your star choice!

*Optional Activities:

  • Entrance to Anne Frank museum (skip the line)
  • Visit the Heineken Museum
  • Boat ride through canals of Amsterdam

Did you know…

  • The facade of numerous houses that populate Amsterdam lean forwards. The explanation for this is that its architects built them with the view that, given their narrowness, the best way to get furniture into the house is through the top story windows. Therefore, every house has a hook on its rooftop and furniture can be hoisted to prevent it from crashing into the facade
  • Amsterdam is the most liberal city in the world, in our opinion. It was the first city in the world to legalize same sex marriage, marijuana and prostitution
  • Most men and women are tall in Amsterdam. The average height of men is 184 cm, whilst for women it is 170 cm


DAY 10: Amsterdam - Zaanse Schans*- Brussels

This morning you have the chance to go on the optional activity to Zaanse Schans, the traditional dutch windmill village. Here you can admire the open air museum, taking a trip back in time to pre-industrial Holand! Trust us- this is an activity that you don’t want to miss!

Later on today we will continue our Circuit of central Europe… this time we are going to Belgium, more specifically its capital Brussels, the heart of the EU.

In spite of being a modern yet not very large city, it is the capital of Belgium and the rest of Europe. This decision was made due to its central location and the fact it was one of the european capitals involved in the creation of the EU.

This modern and diplomatic city will enchant you with its bars which house thousands of different types of beer, its chocolate shops and the Grand Palace… all of which will leave you speechless. We will explore the city and make sure we see the main monuments and tourist sites. What’s more, the headquarters of many international organizations such as the EEC and the European Parliment are located here. This is why you are more likely to bump into a diplomat in the street than spot an aeroplane in the sky.

*Optional Activity

  • Trip to the traditional Dutch windmill village, Zaanse Schans

Did you know…

  • The famous Manneken Pis statue in Brussels, also known as meón child, is not the original. There have been various replacements of the statue due to it being damaged and stolen by vandals repeatedly.
  • The three typical delights of Brussels are: fries, waffles and beer
  • There are many types of beer in Brussels, and the Delirium bar is one of the best to find lots of them
  • There is a wellspring of hot water, cold water and sparkling water in the middle of the city, located at the Gare Central
  • Some of its universities follow the Flemish method of education, while others remain French

DAY 11: Brussels - Ghent And Bruges*- Brussels

Good Morning Unitrippers!

Today you will have 2 options, both very appealing!

The first is to stay in Brussels and enjoy the capital while recovering from your hangover. Strolling through the streets, enjoying the many parks, shops and restaurants at your disposal.

The second option is to hang out with us and visit two of the best conserved flemish cities: Bruges and Ghent!

Hop on the Unitrips bus and we’ll take you there. We’ll start the day visiting the beautiful university city of Ghent, and end it a little bit more in the north in the city of Bruges, where we will walk from bridge to bridge, among the fog of cannals. On the way back we will also stop off at the Atomium to take some photos.

Here you will be delighted to see how well these two medieval cites have been preserved where the medieval architectural style, popular in Northern Europe, has remained intact.

*Optional Activity

  • Excursion to Bruges & Ghent 


DAY 12: Brussels - Paris

After getting to know Brussels on our guided tour we will continue our Circuit of central Europe.

We get back on our Unitrips bus and set off on one of the most anticipated destinations, Paris, “The City of Love”.

There’s always a reason to visit Paris, whether it’s the first time or the fifteenth time you’re going.

It is a city that throughout history has accumulated so many artistic and architectural works that there’s always something new to discover. This is why it receives the most tourists out of all the capitals worldwide.

We will start by visiting the monumental area, starting with the most famous Gothic cathedral in the world, Notre dame. Unfortunately, you will not see it in its best form, having recently caught fire during its structural reform.

We will follow the River Seine to get to know the wonders of this city, visiting the Area of the Louvre, the largest and most well-known museum in the world, and after passing through “le jardín des tulleries” we will be guided by the summit of the Eiffel tour and reach the bottom of it.



Did you know…

  • The Eiffel Tower is 18 cm taller in summer due to the dilation of iron.
  • Do you know why Paris is the so-called City of Light? Because there were many thefts in it, then its mayor had candles put in the windows until the gas lamps were placed, being the first city illuminated in this way.
  • There is a so-called “Paris Syndrome” that affects the Japanese who arrive in the city and are disappointed by not reaching their expectations. There is even a 24-hour telephone line for those affected.


DAY 13: Paris 

An intense day in the “Ville Lumière” awaits us, so wear comfortable shoes!

Today you can admire other areas of Paris, such as the Opera or the galleries of Lafayette, or the famous area of Pigalle with its moulin rouge, to finish in the Sacre Coeur… see if you can climb all the steps leading to the basilica whilst running, and when you reach the top you will have a breathtaking view of Paris.

In the evening, you’ll have the opportunity to travel around the centre of Paris by bus to enjoy all the most emblematic corners, where you can stop to take some photographs while discovering something else about the magical city.

*Optional Activities:

  • Paris by Night tour
  • Farewell dinner


DAY 14: Paris - Bus 

Today on our great Circuit of central Europe will be your day off in Paris. We will give you the time you need to see some of the places you have left to visit. Of course, we will give you some tips so that you know what to do.

Now is the time to go to the Louvre and enjoy its kilometer exposures and how not to wink at the Mona Lisa. If you prefer, you can enjoy the modern architecture and its futuristic skyscrapers in the neighborhood of La Defénse.

If you want to see a piece of Italy in Paris, don’t miss the Luxembourg gardens, commissioned by Maria dei Medici, and on the way make sure to admire the Pantheon, or the Sorbonne (the best university in France) and wander around the Latin Quarter and its thousands of bars.

Enjoy yourself because in the afternoon/evening we will get back on the bus towards Madrid.



DAY 15: Madrid

In the morning on this Circuit of central Europe we will cross the Pyrenees, as well as passing by San Sebastian, Vitoria and Burgos to finish off this Trip at Christmas around Europe. Now unfortunately our trip is over… But you will have incredible memories in the most beautiful corners of the old continent with your new friends from all over the world.


The program could suffer unforeseen changes due to weather conditions, traffic… or the ability of the group to respect meeting times.

The suggested programme doesn’t include optional/extra activities. You will have opportunity to book some of them in the reservation form, while the others will be proposed by the tour leader along the tour.




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