Loveuropa Tour - 20/06/2020

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Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain


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Loveuropa Tour

(17 days / 16 nights)´

This summer, fall in love with Europe and be mesmerized by it’s fascinating cities and endless cultures! These 17 days are spent touring the famous Western Europe capitals. Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and more!  

▸ You can start or end your trip whenever you want. Don't hesitate to come to our office to get more information! 

▸ You can book your place with an initial payment of 100€. 



▸Transport in our comfortable Unibus to the cities mentioned in programme

▸ 17 days and 16 nights in hotels/hostels/campings in Europe:

▸ 2 Nights in Budapest

▸ 2 Nights in Krakow

▸ 2 Nights in Prague

▸ 2 Nights in Berlin

▸ 3 Nights in Amsterdam

▸ 2 Nights in Brussels

▸ 2 Nights in Brussels

▸ 1 Night in Bordeaux

▸ 15 breakfasts

▸ Multiple beded rooms with shared or private bathrooms depending on the establishment (single or double/twin room if you request)

▸ All costs related to parking, transport and tolls

▸ Group leader during the whole trip

▸ Assistance throughout the whole trip

▸ Guided walks in mentioned cities given by tour leaders

▸ Welcome Kit

▸ And other surprises…



▸ Everything that is not mentioned in “What’s included?”

▸ Transport to the starting point

▸ Travel insurance and cancellation insurance

▸ Entrance fees for monuments and attractions

▸ Visa fees or other administrative costs

▸ Transport within the cities (metro, taxi etc.)

▸ Optional activities offered on the tour


Extras, optionals:

▸ Paris by night: 12 €

▸ Day trip Bruges and Ghent: 35 €

▸ Ride by boat through canals of Amsterdam

▸ Entrance to house of Anne Frank (skip the line)

▸ Tour by bus in Berlin (with local professional guide)

▸ Excursion to Auschwitz: 30 €

▸ More activities – you will by informed by tour leader along the tour





ITINERARY: (can be changed for logistic reasons)



To get to Budapest you can chose:

▸ By bus

▸ By plane

▸ By train

You can find the cheapest flights in this link 

For different departure points, please consult us.

You will receive more information by email once reserved and before the departure.

If you have any problem regarding flights or schedules on the days you want, we can give you a hand. Before anything, we advise you to read this article


1’ Day – Budapest

Finally the time has arrived! Pack your bags and get ready to meet us in BUDAPEST… where our tour of europe will begin!

Circuito por Europa Occidental

On our first day of this trip around central europe, depending on what time you arrive in Budapest, you will be ble to explore the city that was born out of the unification of Buda and Pest, following the construction of the famous Chain Bridge.

2’ Day - Budapest

It’s time to explore the city which was born by unification of two sections: ‘Buda’ on the west side of the river Danube and ‘Pest’ on the east side.

Since  ’89 Hungary and it’s capital have undergone impressive development and every year they receive more and more tourist, youngsters above anyone else, are atracted by festivals held here as well as the nightlife provided by the famous Ruins Bars.

Circuito por Europa Central

Are you cold-blooded? Then don’t forget your swimsuit and enjoy the best thermal baths in Europe, either at Szechenyi or at Gellert

Did you know that…

  • Wizz-Air, the second Low Cost flight company of Europe is Hungarian….that’s why it’s so easy to find cheap flights to Budapest.
  • The first Ruins bar that was opened is called Simple Kert
3’ Day - Budapest - Krakow

Today we will continue our tour around Europe. After saying bye to Budapest, we will start our day heading to impressive Tatras mountains, that mark the border between Poland and Slovakia. This drive is especially pleasant to nature lovers.

Once in Slovakia, only a few kilometers after crossing the border, we will visit a tiny town called Oravsky Podzamok, where we will visit one of the oldest castles in Slovakia, Orava Castle (optional entrance).

ruta por europa

After this visit we will continue on our tour driving through the heart of Slovakia until  arrive in another country which was scene to many battles and bombings during WW2: Poland.

Almost all of the cities in Poland have been totaly destroyed and there are very few that still have their old town intact. One of them is Wroclaw, where we will make a stop if everything goes as planned, to emerse ourselves in the atmosphere of this young city, where more than 100 bridges cross the river Oder. From there, we will head to the south of Poland, where the cultural and touristic capital of Poland, Krakow, awaits us.

Optional Activity:

  • Visit to Orava Castle

Did you know that…

  • Every saturday, thrilling parties in thermal baths of Szechenyi take place, called  SPARTIES.
  • Hungary used to be part of Austrio-Hungarian empire, thats why it has a lot in common with Vienna and Bratislava.
4’ Day - Krakow - *Auschwitz

Krakow is the cultural icon of Poland, given its history: here you will have the chance to enjoy different zones developed in different eras, and that didn’t suffer too much damage during the WW2.

The medieval old town has been perfectly conserved and it’s possible to walk through it following the royal path that goes from the north to the south of the city, starting at the Barbican, crossing the market square, the biggest in Europe, which is dominated by the Saint Mary’s cathedral, and finishing at the legendary Wavel Castle, which overlooks the river Vistula.

In the 19th century, the Jewish quarter was developed in the south from the castle, the most active and characteristic quarter of the town. This quarter was converted into a ghetto during the Nazi control and it’s where Schindler lived, a German that saved thousands of Jewish lives, lying to German authorities and whose story was converted in a Steven Spielberg movie.

Moreover, Krakow has a district which is full of communist architecture, known by urbanists from all around the world, as Nowa Huta.

Close to Krakow, about a one hour driving distance you will find the only concentration camp that survived the German self destruction in their attempts to erase the proof of the existence of these camps.

Auschwitz is a place of memory and reflection, where a local guide will speak to us either in English or in Spanish about all the atrocities of the Nazi regime and about the physical and moral destruction that Jews had to bare.

*Optional Activity:

  • Excursion to Auschwitz
Circuito por Europa del Este

Did you know that…

  • Auschwitz and Krakow have been scene to many movies:  Movies set in Poland
  • The famous scientist Copernicus, the first one to notice that the sun, not the earth was the centre of the solar system, studied in Krakow.
5’ Day - Krakow - Prague

¡Vitejte v Cesku!

Today we will continue our tour through central Europe, leaving behind the touristic capital of Poland and arrive in the golden city of Prague!To arrive we will have to cross the Silesia in the south of Poland, a very industialised area, pass through Moravia, one of the three regions that form the Czech Republic, until reaching the heart of the country and it capital, Prague.

tour por europa del norte
6’ Day - Prague

Enjoy strolling through the Old Town… We will take you through Wenceslas Square, universally known for being the setting of the “Prague Spring”, we will discover the most famous astronomical clock in the world, and cross the Vltava River by the Bridge of St. Charles. A bridge famous for the 30 Baroque sculptures, we will arrive at the foot of the largest castle in the world, where a world reference in literature was living: Kafka.

Do you still have energy? Well, you have to discover the New Town, also of medieval origin, and the old Jewish Quarter.

We hope you didn’t get too tired today, as Prague is known for its parties and beers!

ruta por europa

Did you know…

  • The Prague Castle is described as the largest ancient castle on Earth. This is where the monarchy of Bohemia and the presidents of the Czech Republic stay. (We will visit this site and highlight the Golden Lane, as well as the Black and White Towers)
  • Prague Beer is cheaper than water! This is because beer is part of the everyday life and is sweet and drinkable. Awesome!
  • Prague is not at its height of fashion. The city still sees the “socks and sandals” look… Don’t believe us? Keep an eye out when you go
7’ Day - Prague - Dresden - Berlin

Today on our route through Europe we leave Prague behind to go to another brewing country: Germany. Here we will go to Berlin, where we will spend the night.

BUT first of all, we’ll make a stop in Dresden, the German city known as “The Florence of the River Elbe.” There on this route through Europe we can taste a rich German “wurst” and also appreciate the Baroque architecture of this city.

ruta por europa

Did you know that…

  • The Berlin wall, which divided the city between 13th of august of 1961 and 9th of november 1989, was 45 km long. This wall separated the occidental part of Berlin from the communist part. Known as “wall of shame” it was 3,6 metres high.
8’ Day - Berlin

“Ich bin ein Berliner”, which means “I am a Berliner” is what JFK said in 1963 to show support with people who were separated from their families due to construction of Berlin Wall. Today, it’s time for you to repeat the phrase and spend a day as a Berliner.

We will continue to the Checkpoint Charlie, running across a good portion of the formerly wall of Berlin, destroyed in 1989, surely the most important political event of Germany in the past 50 years. If there is time, we will get to famous Alexanderplatz, where you will have an opportunity to lift up to symbol of the Berlin skyline, the TV tower, and watch the impressive views.

ruta por europa

*Optional Activity:

  • Bus Tour of Berlin (with professional guide)

You will have a chance to choose whether to spend the day with us and a professional local guide who will explain even the finest detail of what lays behind the buildings of Berlin, among all Reichstag, the Parliament of Germany, next to it the iconic Brandenburg Gate, and famous monument to Holocaust, masterpiece of Heisman.

Did you know that…

  • One tenth of the population of Berlin is made up of mainly Turks, Italians, Poles and Russians. In addition, the German capital has the largest Turkish community outside Turkey, comprising of more than 150,000 people. The district of Kreuzberg is the most mixed city called “Little Istanbul”
9’ Day - Berlin - Amsterdam

We shall say goodbye to Berlini with tears in our eyes… But don’t worry! The liberal city of Amsterdam is waiting for us!

To get to today’s destination on time, we must wake up early, and get on the bus; where we will cross most of Germany!

ruta por europa
10’ Day - Amsterdam
11’ Day - Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city that never stops surprising, so we will let you stay here another day, so that you can discover its streets, bridges, bars and the atmosphere of this modern and cosmopolitan city that attracts tourists from all around the world.

Do you enjoy  museums? Well, here you have various options; from classical Rijksmuseum, to the Flemish museum of Rembrandt, without forgetting the museum of the craziest european painter, Van Gogh Museum.

Not your cup of tea? There is also a museum of contemporary art (MOCO)… and if you’re into beer, you have to visit the modern Heineken Museum. If you prefer diamonds, there is also a museum dedicated to the stone.

eurotrip para jovenes

Did you know that…

  • There are more bikes than cars in Amsterdam, and prohibition of combustion cars is awaited by 2025.
  • Most men and women are tall in Amsterdam. Men measure an average of 184 cm and women 170 cm.

More info regarding the coffee shops:

Best Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

12’ Day - Amsterdam - Brussels - *Ghent And Bruges*
13’ Day - Brussels - Paris

What a shame that we have to leave behind the amazing Brussels!

But we are heading to the city of love: Paris.

We will leave in the morning, crossing the north of France and its green hills, until we arrive at the French capital to continue our tour through central Europe.

Circuito por Europa Occidental

Do you want to know why it is called the city of lights? Well if you still have energy, you will be able to participate in our bus tour by night.

*Optional Activities:

  •  Paris by Night
  •  Vist to Montmartre & Pigalle
14’ Day - Paris

It’s going to be an intense day in the “Ville Lumiere”, so put your comfortable shoes on because it’s time to walk. We will start in Notre Dame, the great Lady of Paris, and going through pont Neuf, we will admire Paris’ river, The Sena and we will pass by the museum that contains the most famous painting of all times, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

ruta por europa

Of course, we’ll finish our tour at the most famous tower, the Eiffel Tower, a massive structure of steel which was a result of a universal exhibition in the nineteenth century and since then has watched the people of Paris from above, covered in trillions of their little locks. And you don’t have to be in love to enjoy Paris.

Did you know that…

  • Eiffel Tower is 18 cm higher in summer, given the expansion of iron from the heat.
  • Why Paris is called City of Light? Its because many burglaries used to take place, so the mayor ordered putting candles in all windows, until gas lamps were installed on the streets.
  • A problem called “Paris Syndrome“ affects many Japanese who arrive to the city with very high expectations which are not fulfilled during their visit so they suffer great disappointment. There is even a phone line available 24 hours a day for victims of the syndrome.
15’ Day - Paris - Bus

Today in this tour of central Europe will be a free day in Paris, we will give you the necessary time so you can see some of the places that are still on your list. Of course, we will give you some tips on where to go!

Now is the time to go to the Louvre and enjoy its exhibitions and wink at the Mona Lisa. If you prefer, you can enjoy the modern architecture and its futuristic skyscrapers in the neighborhood of La Defénse.

Do you like the exotic or multi-ethnic theme more? There is a neighborhood called Belleville, where Mr. Malaussene used to live.

If you want to see a bit of Italy in Paris, do not miss visiting the Luxembourg Gardens, commissioned by Maria dei Medici, and on the way appreciate the Pantheon, the Sorbonne (the best university in France) and stroll through the Latin Quarter and its thousands of bars.

Enjoy your last day of this tour through Central Europe … Because at night, we will hop back on the bus in the direction of Madrid. (Around 16 hours).

Circuito por Europa Occidental
16’ Day - Madrid

This morning on our tour through Western Europe we will cross the Pyrenees,  San Sebastian, Vitoria and Burgos to finally finish the tour in Madrid. Now you will have a right to say that you have seen half of Europe and you will go home with the memories of the most beautiful corners of this old continent, with your new friends from all over the world.


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