Mediterranean Charms - 3/04/2020

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España, Vaticano, Italia y Francia


Premium: 645,00
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Enjoy this trip around Mediterranean Europe, where you will discover the land and sea of the warmest and most pleasant climate in Europe. From the historical beauties of Italy, to the charm of the fishing villages of 5 Terre, passing through Monaco and the French Blue Coast.


Spain, Vatican, Italy & France


From 645 €






What’s included?:

  • Transport in our comfortable Unibus to all the mentioned destinations
  • 8 days and 8 nights in the best hostels/campsites/hotels in Europe: 
  • 1 Night in Ferry
  • 2 Nights in Rome in bungalow resort
  • 1 Night in Florence in hostel
  • 1 Night in Venice
  • 1 night in Bolonia
  • 1 night in Sanremo
  • 1 night in the south of France in a hostel
  • 8 Breakfasts
  • Multiple beded rooms  (or you can request single or double/twin room)
  • All costs related to transport, parking and tolls
  • Group leader during the whole trip
  • Assistance throughout the whole trip
  • Guided walks in mentioned cities given by tour leaders
  • Many other surprises!

What’s not included?

  • Everything that is not mentioned in “What’s included?”
  • Transport to the starting point
  • Travel insurance and cancellation insurance
  • Entrance fees for monuments and attractions
  • Visa fees or other administrative costs
  • Transport within the cities (metro, taxi etc.)
  • Optional activities offered on the tour

Extras, optionals:

  • Rome Pack: Guided visit + Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums + Coliseum and Roman Walls (+55€)
  • Entrance to natural park 5 Terre
  • Bus Madrid – Barcelona  (+30€)
  • Bus Barcelona – Madrid (+30€)


Upcoming Departures:

  • Madrid: 3rd – 13th April. Price: 705€
  • Barcelona: 5th – 12th April. Price: 645€


Meeting Points


  • 3rd of April at Atocha Stations. Time: 17h to start the Walking Tour
  • 4th April at Atocha Station. Time: 00:30h (Be careful! It’s the night between 3rd and 4th)

Barcelona: 5th April (location to be confirmed). Time: Around 07:30.

*You will recieve more information about the trip via email once you have reserve the trip.

The final times will be announced via email a couple of days before the departure.

For different departure points, please, please consult us.

To get to Madrid/Barcelona you can chose:

  • By bus
  • By plane
  • By train

You can find the cheapest flights in this link

For different departure points, please consult us.

If you have any problem regarding flights or schedules on the days you want, we can give you a hand. Before anything, we advise you to read this article


1’ Day – Madrid – Barcelona – Boat

Close your books, forget about your stress… its time to relax as we set sail towards Barcelona, the first step on our European spring adventure. We will leave Madrid at night and arrive in Barcelona during the early hours of the morning. Recharge your batteries, because a great Unitrips journey is waiting for you. Are you ready?

Time to Set Sail!

We’ll spend the night on an elegant boat which has everything you could wish for onboard…. a nightclub, games room, restaurants, 24h cafes, pool, gym, health center, casino… so grab a gin and tonic and loose yourself in the Mediterranean breeze!

Did you know that…

  •  The construction of Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia is endless. The builder stated that “God had all the time on the planet to see it completed”. The cathedral is so big and complex that no one knows when and IF it will be finished someday.
  • There is a Statue of Liberty in Barcelona, in fact it’s one of only three originals. The most famous one is in New York, other in Paris and in Barcelona you can find it close to Arch of Triumph, in the Arus Library.
  • Passeig de Gracia is an avenue that hosts the main masterpieces of Gaudí, the idol of architecture of XX. century. Get amazed by his famous houses Pedrera and Battló.
2’ Day – Boat – Rome

After a whole day enjoying the Mediterranean breeze, we will arrive at Civitavecchia and our Eurobus will take us to the former Caput Mundi

Rome is known as the “Eternal City” and everything has an explication. Time appears to have ceased here hundreds of years back, given the large number of remaining monuments and rests of imposing buildings, which turns strolling through the lanes into a trip back so the capital’s golden age.

The capital of Italy and previous “caput mundi” awaits us with its vast history. There are a lot of reasons to visit Rome, an exciting city you will want to come back to. Gastronomy and lively atmosphere are one of those.

We start with the symbol of the city, the most visited landmark in Italy: the Colosseum, which, despite being half torn down, still oozes wonder. Yet, we don’t stop here, as we proceed to Venice Square with impressive Atlar of the Fatherland, the famous Trevi Fountain, we will follow the route until Panthenon, the Novona Square to finish with visiting Spanish Square.

*Optional Activity

  • Guided tour around Rome + Entrance to Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums + Colosseum and Roman Forums.

Did you know that…

  • There are stars on the marble pavement of Catedral de San Pedro of Rome, just in the middle of hallway that crosses the central nave. These stars represent the lengths of diverse catholic temples in the world.
  • In Sta. Maria in Cosmedin there is the most renewned drain in the planet: la Bocca Della Veritá. As the legend says, the mouth will bite the one to put his hand in it, saying a lie!
3’ Day – Rome

Rome is without doubt a city that requires the longest time to visit it, keeping in mind the density of monuments it has….Soo take an advantage of mild winter of this antique capital of Europe, because our tour leaders will take you to visit all that you couldn’t visit the day before!

Would you prefer to explore by yourself and maybe buy some presents for your loved ones? At Unitrips we will give you all the freedom you need, so there will be something to do that suits everyone!

Did you know that…

  • Rome has a very romantic park:  the Villa Borghese, which, when viewed from the sky, is seen in the shape of the heart
4’ Day – Rome – Florence

After saying goodbye to Rome, we will put the GPS of the bus towards Florence, to explore it the next day. Before that, we will visit the Vatican City.

In Florence you can visit numerous fine arts by creators in the historical center of the Uffizi, or if walking round an exhibition hall is not for you, you can take a stunning walk up the famous hills where you can get to the fantastic viewpoint of the fanciful arch of Brunelleschi which dominates the city. What’s more the university zone of Santa Croce is the perfect place to enjoy a few drinks and party with the local students.

Did you know that…

  • The Vatican is a sovereign country with nothing more than 0,44 km2, and is the smallest country in the world. It only has borders with Italy, which completely surrounds it. It hosts the Basilica of San Pedro, which is the world’s largest church.
  • The Vatican Bank is the only bank in the world that allows users to select Latin as a language on an ATM to carry out its operations
5'Day - Florence - Pisa* - Venice

“Buongiorno Principessa” said Benigni, an actor from Florence, in the film “Life is Beautiful”.

Today you will be able to admire the birthplace of the Renaissance, a museum city, a place in which every corner you will be able to see works of art. This piece of art are of geometric perfection, which is a characteristic offered by the lines of Renaissance architecture.

From the most famous Renaissance cathedral in the world, covered by the famous Brunelleschi cupola, a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture, we will walk through the “Piazza della Signoria” where you can admire the lines of Palazzo Vecchio behind Michelangelo’s David. Continuing our tour to the Uffizi gallery, we will reach the Arno river, near the “Ponte Vecchio”, a bridge that has survived several floods … and, today it continues, with its gold shops, being one of the main attractions of the city.

Florence is not the only place to visit in Tuscany… there are thousands of cities that you need to visit and will leave you amazed! Therefore we have decided to give you the opportunity to visit one of these incredible cities, a city which is home to one of the most famous towers in the world… the Tower of Pisa!

At the end of our tour around Florence you can get one one of our incredible buses and take part in this optional trip to Pisa.

The Plaza de los Milagros is one of the most unique architectural ensembles in the world, comprising the tower, the cathedral, the baptistery and the Campo Santo monumental of Pisa.

After this optional excursion we will return to Florence and continue our trip through Western Europe and head north of Italy to spend the night in Venice. The next day, we will visit the city of canals. A city that had the honour of being one of the most powerful, rich and populated throughout history. Whose trade dominated the Mediterranean and the trade routes of the Orient…Venice!

*Optional Activity

  • Trip to Pisa: Transport there are back between Florence and Pisa + Pizza + A Surprise!

After arriving back in Florence after a fun filled day, we will continue our tour around Europe in Venice!

Did you know that…

  • Florence was the capital of Italy between 1865 and 1871
  • The Ponte Vecchio bridge was the main monument in the city that survived the Nazi shelling in World War II, like Big Ben in London’s case
  • The Fontana del Porcellino Florence is well known for an old tradition: if you throw a coin into the mouth of the boar statue and the coin lands in the splashing water, you will be brought good fortune.
  • One of the oldest universities in the world is located in Pisa, it dates back to 1343!

Want to know more?

Facts that you need to know about Florence

Do you think you know everything about the Tower of Pisa ?

The famous tower isn’t the only thing to see in Pisa… discover more of it’s hidden secrets here

Art in Florence – The Geniuses from this city

6’ Day – Venice- Bolonia

Today we are going to explore Venice. This is a city that had the honour of being on of the most powerful, rich and populated cities for many centuries, dominating the Mediterranean and the commercial trading routes in the orient.

You cannot miss out on this opportunity to visit this unforgettable city, because soon it is going to limit the number of people who can visit… or it may be submerged by water! So take out your camera and look for the best angle to take the best photos of this bridges, Vaporettos and Gondolas.

After an incredible day at one of the most famous lagoons in the world, we will continue our journey, this time in search of another hidden Italian secret, a city with a very rich history that is also the location of the oldest university in Italy: Bolonia.

You will fall in love with the beauty and atmosphere of this city. What’s more you will be able to say that you have visited one of the most beautiful medieval cities in this incredible country.

7’ Day – Bolonia - 5 Terre - Sanremo

Are you ready for a fun filled day in Italy? We will get on the main Italian motorway, the Mar Tirreno, and head towards the incredible natural park of “5 Terre”.

This incredible optional activity includes a visit these 5 cities dominated by traditional Mediterranean architecture that are located on the edges of beautiful cliffs. And not only this…Are you ready to go to the beach? Grab your swimsuit, towel and sunscreen, it’s time to enjoy the Italian coast! 5 little towns with colorful houses, hanging from the cliffs. A place where pollution almost hasn’t made a dent. There are very few cars and the way to travel between towns is either by foot or by a spectacular little train that runs along the seafront.

8’ Day – Sanremo - Monaco - Avignon

Continuing on our Mediterranean trip, we will return to the italian coast, crossing the boarding into France, until finally we will arrive at the city-state of Monaco. This little coastal state sustains the record of having the most dense world population and seeing that the state is built on top of skyscrapers,  you’ll understand why. Here we’ll do a mythical circuit of forumla 1, turning the bends with the highest speed! (of course whilst sticking to the legal speed limits for a coach! )

In the late afternoon we will continue our tour around Europe, passing through Nice,  the pearl of the French blue coast, continuing through Provence, a region characteristic of France, rich in beautiful villages where time stands still and endless fields of lavender. We will finish our intense day in Avignon.

Did you know…

  • Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, with an area of only 2 square kilometers only bigger than the Vatican.
  • Lavender is the blue flower of Provence. There are hundreds of fields, all of which are  filled with this aromatic and lilac plant, and in part this is the reason why its coast is “the blue coast”
9′ Day– Avignon - Barcelona - (Night On The Bus)

We will leave Avignón behind and head to the beautiful  Carcassonne, a medieval fairy-tale town on this tour of Mediterranean Europe.

It is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. This city will make you travel back in time and feel like you are in another era. It is known to be a fortified city, consisting of two rows of walls, a castle and the occasional bastion; It was very important in the past, due to its strategic location, it was on the route that linked the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic. The city is divided into two parts, bounded by the river Aude: on the right is La Cité or citadel, and on the left La Bastide Saint-Louis.

We will continue our tour of Mediterranean Europe and later, we will find the Pyrenees and we will visit the Languedoc and Rousellón region in France, heading to Barcelona and then we will spend the final night on this trip on our bus, travelling to Madrid.

9′ Day – Bye Bye Madrid

Like all good things, this journey also has to end. With tears in our eyes but also with our hearts full of fond memories, images and emotions, all of which will stay with us for life, we will leave our group of friends at the departure point and head home.


The program could suffer unforeseen changes due to weather conditions, traffic… or the ability of the group to respect meeting times.

The suggested programme doesn’t include optional/extra activities. You will have opportunity to book some of them in the reservation form, while the others will be proposed by the tour leader along the tour.

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