First Erasmus days in Seville

First Erasmus days in Seville

July 25, 2017/ : Admin

¡ Primeros Días Erasmus En Sevilla !


We know that landing in a new city, a new country, with another language and another culture is always a cause for nervousness, doubts and even insecurities. First of all, calm down. It is your first days and you can’t know what will happen throughout your Erasmus, but keep calm, in a couple of weeks you will have the city dominated, you will know most of the Erasmus Students of Seville and you will already get used to your new university. Surely the first days will not be as idyllic as you have imagined, but with a little patience and following these steps, we are sure that your Erasmus experience will be excellent.

The first advice is that you take advantage of the first few days to get to know the city and do some sightseeing. You can also take advantage of all the free tours that we organize here, because surely, trips, parties and classes will not give you all the time to discover and get to know the city from a tourist point of view. Also it wouldn't be a bad idea for you to visit your university to explore it a little more before you start your classes.

The next step is to think about how to get to Seville, which means the cheapest and how much you are going to leave in transport, but quiet, Seville is a very well connected city and you will have no problem finding trains, buses, Taxis or Cabify that leave you in the city from the airport you arrive at (Malaga, Seville or Madrid). With our code "ECS" you will get € 6 off on your first  trip with Cabify and you can use it to go from the airport or train station, to your flat in Seville.

Since you are looking for a way to get to Seville, you are probably interested in looking at the student accommodation in Seville. There are two possibilities to rent a room in
Seville. The first is to look for accommodation online and book your room, so when you arrive in Seville for your Erasmus you will make sure you have a good room, because the normal thing is that best rooms are rented online. You can also search for accommodation once you arrive in Seville, although you may have fewer options to choose from.

Read this article como buscar piso en Sevilla .

Soon after starting your Erasmus in Seville will come the worst part : the paperwork! If your faculty is one of those that host hundreds of Erasmus per year, it will be easier for you to solve any problems that may arise, because they will be used to solving any doubts you may have. If you get overwhelmed just thinking about the papers you can join our Facebook group and ask other guys who came from Erasmus to Seville, which will surely help you out.

We know that another of the main concerns of the Erasmus Student is money, but you have chosen Seville as an Erasmus destination, a city that is also very cheap, as you can see in our post How much it will cost to live in Seville.

We hope our advice will be helpful, Goodluck for your first days!


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