Find an apartment in Seville

Find an apartment in Seville

January 12, 2017/ : Admin

¡ Welcome to Seville !


You've been accepted to study in Seville ? You found an internship here ? Or you are just here to study spanish for several months...  Erasmus Club Sevilla wants to help you find a flat where you will be able to create the perfect atmosphere for the rest of your stay (meaning also organized botellones, parties, friend meetings... of course !). We want to make things easier for you to fit in as fast as possible. Here you have all the tips you need to find accomodation in Seville. 


Share flat with other students, or rent one by yourself 

This is the best option, for many reasons. Sharing accomodation with people who are living the same experience will make you fit in faster and your lonely-feeling moments won't last. If they are spanish students, they will help you improve your Spanish way quicker too. Your flatmates can become your best friends in this adventure, you will be able to share many moments together, friend meetings, dinners... If you find an agreement for house chores from the beginning of course ! 

First, you can have a look in the official group of Erasmus Club Sevilla (here). People usually post ads here to find flatmates and start the search together. 

Then, you can visit pages like: or Here  you have a lot of ads. You just have to fill up the form with basic datas and start your search.  

You can also choose to rent a flat on your own, if you don't like community life. But keep in mind that it could be a little more expensive.

There you have a list of websites that you can check, whether you are looking for a shared flat or not.

You can also look on, a website where there are lots of ads for everything.

At university there are also lots of ads from people who are looking for flatmates. Check at university, pick-up ads and start calling!


Enter an au-pair family

If you want to save some money and not pay a rent, you can choose to enter an au-pair family. Living like this, you won´t have any expense: food, clothes cleaning and accommodation for free. Nevertheless, you need to know what are your duties: take care of kids and sometimes do household chores. You have a steady schedule and you will receive a weekly salary.
If you are studying, you can negociate with the family to have the best schedule possible and maybe have a lower salary. Remember that you will stay in a house without paying a rent. This option is not very common for students but it can be interesting if you don´t want or you can´t pay a rent.

The most famous website to find an au-pair family is There, you can choose the better host family for you. Don´t forget to skype them and make things clear.


¿Where to look in Seville?

You are looking for a flat but you don´t really know where to look? We will give you a list of the best neighborhoods in Seville and some advices to help you choose the perfect area.

- Triana: this is the student´s favorite area. Great atmosphere day and night, 5-10 minutes away from the city centre...
The prices are usually decent and rational, from 280€ to 350€ per month for a room. For those who are studying at UPO there are "Plaza de Cuba" and "Parque de los Príncipos" metro stations.

- Los Remedios: just next to Triana, separated by Avenida República Argentina, this is a very nice area to live in. Prices are more or less the same as in Triana with some metro stations too. 

- Alfalfa: they say it is the heart of Seville. It´s a very central area, good atmosphere during both day and night (a lot of bars!). Count between 300 and 400€ to rent a flat in this area.

- Santa Cruz: this is a very touristic area. The prices are higher, until 450€ per month for a room. 

- San Bernardo: this is a privileged area for students who are going to universities of Economy, Law and Tourism departments. There are metro, tram and bus stations. It is relatively near to the city centre, 15-20 minutes walking. You can find a room from 280 to 350€ per month. 

- Nervión and Gran Plaza: although more peripheral, this area is interesting for students going to UPO because you are only 10 minutes away from university by metro. It´s close to a big shopping mall and the famous Sevilla FC Stadium. The prices are really attractive: between 250€ and 350€ a month.

All those prices are just estimations. Each price will depend on the precise location, the state of the flat and the rules of the owner.


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