How to find the cheapest flight

15 March, 2018

Life Hacks: How to find the cheapest flight Since flights account for a huge part of your travel expenses, every seasoned traveler needs a few tips on to save money on flights ..

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La Feria De Sevilla

22 February, 2018

THE SEVILLE FAIR Every spring, the city of Seville holds a week-long party known as "La Feria de Sevilla" which more than a million people attend. Dating back to 1847, the Fair wa..

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24 Cosas que Los Mexicanos echan de menos cuando están en Europa

28 July, 2017

24 Cosas que Los Mexicanos echan de menos cuando están en Europa    1. Puedes saludar con cuarenta besos, pero nunca dar abrazos Los españoles saludan con dos besos, los hola..

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How much would I spend living as an Erasmus in Sevilla

26 July, 2017

¡ Gastos Mensuales de la vida Erasmus ! One question that comes to us all before moving to a new city is how much money it will cost us to live there. This depends on m..

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First Erasmus days in Seville

25 July, 2017

¡ Primeros Días Erasmus En Sevilla ! Sabemos que aterrizar en una ciudad nueva, de un país nuevo, con otro idioma y otra cultura siempre es motivo de nervi..

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Find an apartment in Seville

12 January, 2017

¡ Welcome to Seville ! You've been accepted to study in Seville ? You found an internship here ? Or you are just here to study spanish for several months... Erasmus Club..

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