10 Reasons to visit Marocco

10 Reasons to visit Marocco

January 05, 2022/ : Admin

10 Reasons to visit Morocco

Morocco is a dream destination for many European tourists, but are you familiar with all the advantages that this country has to offer you? Here are the top 10 reasons why to visit this extraordinary country. 

 Easy Access

 Erasmus Club Sevilla allows you easy and quick access to Morocco. It is more or less 3 hours by bus + boat from Sevilla. 


You have sun for 365 days a year !

 Morocco is a real sun destination. However, each region has a different climate depending on the time of the year. Temperature differences can be significant on the same day at different locations. 


A total change of scenery

 You are quickly immersed in Moroccan culture. The country immediately evokes the palaces with sumptuous decorations, which are worthy of being in the 1001 nights. Besides it is full of lush gardens, souks, and the scent of tagines and many different spices. 

Morocco also has a lot of natural places, like sandy beaches and mountains. Big cities like Rabat and Tangier are similar to the European past times. 


Discovering a new culture 

 In Morocco you will always be very welcome. Hospitality is a way of life, and Moroccan people are known for it around the world. You will be able to discover their culture and their way of living. 

It is quite ordinary for a trader to offer a cup of tea to someone he has just met or to invite him to share a meal. 


Your taste buds will discover new flavors

 Ranked as one of the best cuisines in the world, Moroccan cuisine is a blend of flavors and cultures. A clever mix of sweet and salty savor, deliciously spicy meat, fruits and vegetables accompanied by sweet mint tea


Visit the medinas and souks 

 There is nothing better than these corners to get the real feeling of the country. There you can chat with locals, observe the culture, taste the cuisine and experience more intensely those little everyday things that often escape us when we visit more touristic places. 


Spend Time in the Desert 

 A good reason to go to Morocco is to spend a night (or more) in the desert. This is a unique opportunity that is not possible in many countries.


Get Lost in the Blueness of Chefchaouen 

 You can’t miss the wonderful village of Chefchaouen with its blue houses. It is what it makes a really unique place. 


A Trip that Adapts to all Budgets

 A trip to Morocco has the advantage of being not so expensive, and so many people can afford to do a lot of things even with small amount of money.  


Live in buildings that are 100 years old

 In cities like Marrakesh and Fès, the houses can date back several centuries. Dozens of Riads and many restored old houses are scattered all over the country. 

Blessed with unparalleled charm and authenticity, you won’t find a better place to stay. 



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