How much would I spend living as an Erasmus in Sevilla

How much would I spend living as an Erasmus in Sevilla

July 26, 2017/ : Admin

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One question that comes to all of us before moving to a new city is how much money it will cost us to live there. This depends on many things and the lifestyle you willing to have in that city.

If you are an Erasmus student, chances are that the money will come a little scarce but the good thing about Seville is that you can spend a year here without having to suffer much, although being totally sincere, it is not a year to save, it is a year to spend. You will have good months and and a bit worse ones, but Seville is not an expensive city, so let's calculate how much money you will need per month to reach the end of the month without problem, at least with the basic expenses for an Erasmus.

COST OF THE ERASMUS LIFE IN SEVILLE (Per person in a 3 rooms shared flat ):

  • Rent a room: between € 160 and € 285 per month.
  • Monthly electricity bill: between € 15 and € 25 per month (depending on the month)
  • Monthly water bill: between € 10 and € 15 per month
  • Internet: about € 12 per month
  • Butane bottle: € 5 (lasting two weeks)
  • Invoice of natural gas (if it has one): between € 5 and € 15 per month
  • Mobile phone: from € 11 per month

Until now: between 218€ and 368€, without counting transport and food. Now we will tell you the prices of transport and drinks in Seville. The amount of money you will spend will depend on how often you will take the bus or go out, and on how much you will spend for food, drinks or on Erasmus weekend trips.

• Bus ticket: 1,30€ (or buspass: 0,73€)
• Beer or soft drinks: 1,20€
• Coffee: 1,20€

You may have to add 100€ or 200€ a month (you will spend between 320€ and 560€), but you will not even reach the average of any european city: Seville is a really cheap city to live in. Now we will detail the expenses so you can have an idea of what you will spend during your Erasmus year.

Rental expense: Usually, students share flats. That way you will have a much more complete Erasmus experience and it will be way cheaper.
The prices depend on the area or the neighborhood you live in, the state of the flat and its facilities, the size of the room and on how many persons you will share the flat with. It should not exceed 285€. Normally you should pay around 200€ a month without charges. 

Transport: In Seville there is Sevici, a bike rental company. It will be your best friend since it will allows you to go around the city. The prices are between 13,33€ and 33,33€ but most of your shift will be on foot.
Sevilla is not that big and distances are short. Besides, if you decide to live where Erasmus students live like Triana or Viapol, the city centre will be very close. The metro is another option to go around the city with a pass around 25€ and metro ticket for 1,35€.

 Food is an expense that is difficult to calculate. Not everyone eats the same and it will also depend on where and what you buy. In Seville there is "Mercadona" which is the cheapest supermarket. Another one is "Día", where you will find cheap high-quality products. The average expense for an Erasmus student would be between 85 and 100€ a month. If you like to cook you´ll spend less since ready-cooked food is more expensive than something you would cook yourself. 

Mobile phone: 
With Erasmus Club Sevilla you will get a Lebara SIM card with a 10€ balance (2GB and 100min).

Going out: This will really be on you. How often will you go out? How much are you willing to spend on a night out? Where will you go? Usually you don´t have to pay to enter nightclubs and bars in Seville, although there are some places where you can pay for a drink at the entrance, but that´s during early mornings.

Cocktail cost around 7€ in nightclubs and 5€ in bars. That is really cheap if you compare it to what you would pay in other european cities. Beer is the cheapest, around 1,20€ for a small bottle. The advantage with Erasmus Club Sevilla  is that you will enter for free in our big parties.

As you could understand, Sevilla is not expensive at all, it just depends on how you will manage your life during your Erasmus year. Our advice is that you plan your monthly expenses and that you save the money you have left. Maybe you can go for one of our trips with the money you will save...


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